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The German Heritage Council of New Jersey is a nonprofit organization that works year-round to present an authentic German-Heritage Cultural experience one day a year, each year for people of German Ancestry, people interested in the German culture, or people just looking to have a fun day.

This means that a small group of people work hard all year to coordinate this special day. Authentic German vendors are used to provide authentic German food including Bratwurst, Leberkäse and more. Angels and various authentic goods...

Also, vendors selling merchandise including Trachten clothes, German music usually not found in stores and other paraphernalia are available for browsing. Several large tents provide shelter in case of inclimate weather. (No, this isn't merely a beer and hot-dog event!)

A large tent is dedicated to German-American cultural information and history and many local and nationwide organizations are represented here.

Throughout the day, children's soccer teams compete, offering visitors a chance to relax and watch a game, and children a chance to play for an audience.

Bands from Germany, most organized, but some even impromptu, such as the band pictured here, provide live entertainment in the open Mall area.


People often enjoy this so much they are compelled to join in singing and dancing.

A major highlight of the day is the Stage Show (See the scrapbook section for a glimpse at some of the Stars who've joined in the celebration throughout the years.). Each year, the committee is fortunate enough to arrange for talented Stars from Germany to take part in this day.

Aren't they adorable!
Organized Schuhplatteler Groups dance and provide entertainment as well. Children's Schuhplattler dance for on-lookers here.


Note: this is not included in the general admission. Stage show tickets are separate, but if purchased in advanced, can be used for general admission as well. Impromptu!

After the show, guests who have opted for the sponsor package are invited to join in a banquet, which includes an open cocktail hour, dinner, music and dancing. This is a wonderful way to end the day.

What happens to the money we raised throughout the day? The committee doesn't get a free trip to Germany, we don't buy a lot of expensive wine and throw a big party, nor do we pocket nontaxable income.

Our objective is for you to enjoy your day and we want to offer something back to the community. All proceeds raised by the committee are used to support German cultural programs such as the Garden State Cultural Fund (which raises money to provide free programs for New Jersey's school children, senior citizens and other deserving residents); educational scholarships to promote German language and culture; Ethnic Festivals and the Steuben Parade.

So please drop by the festival and see what we're all about.

We're open to feedback, preferably positive, but constructive is appreciated too. If you have any comments or questions, please drop us a line, email: cindy@cazoo.org

Steins anyone?  (Are they full?)

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